Step In Dog Harness Choke Free Beige

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Manufacturer: Doggie Design


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Dog Harness & Leash Step In Choke Free Beige
Small dog have sensitive necks and need a choke free puppy harness that sits low on the chest, so pressure is not on the neck. These sturdy puppy harness are cute, sturdy, and are the best step in dog harnesses that will protect your dog.
    -  When your dog pulls, pressure goes to the chest, not neck
    -  Safety feature: double velcro closed with the addition of buckle
       closure snaps securely on top of velcro, this allows you to
       safely walk your dog without harness coming apart
    -  Patented design allows pet harness to contour to the dog's
       body shape for perfect fit
    -  Harnesses size allows you to adjust the fit 3" looser or tighter
    -  Attach leash to the double strength d-ring
    -  Reflective strips allow you to safely walk your dog at night
    -  Designed to also be used as a car safety harness seat belt
    -  Easy to use, walk in, close and ready to walk!
    -  Machine washable polyester mesh so very breathable
Purchase this ultra safe, choke free dog harness now. Love your dog!

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Dog Harneses and Leash Step In Choke Free Beige
If your dog gags, chokes, or makes sneezing sounds when you walk them, they have a sensitive neck.  Pullers tend to have these and the only way to avoid permanent damage to their neck is to use a choke free dog harness. 

No choke pet harnesses comes in many shapes.  Ideally you want one that wraps around the chest and not neck. Other key things to look for in a pet harness 
  -  Easy to put on and take off
  -  Safety features so the harness does not come apart when your dog pulls and takes off. Accidents and oncoming traffic can cause accidents. 
  -  Washable
  -  Style and function.

Shop Talia dog boutique for the best dog harness and leashes. Yorkies, chihuahua, maltese, shih tzu, and other small breed dogs have senstive necks/tracheas and must wear a choke free harness. 

Sizing Guide

                Chest                             Weight 

X-Small     11"-13" (Most Important)    3lbs.-6lbs.

Small         13"-16" (Most Important)    6lbs.-10lbs.

Medium    16"-19" (Most Important)   11lbs.-16lbs.

Large       19"-21" (Most Important)   16lbs.-25lbs.

How to Measure

It's exremly important to measure your dog and not rely on weight since there can be variations in weight.  To measure, take a soft measuring tape, and measure the below areas.  Alternatively, take a string, and measure your dog, then measure the string around a ruler or hard measuring tape. 

Chest:  take a ‘snug' measurement of the widest part of your dog’s chest (directly behind front legs), all the way around. 

Add 1” for comfort to both neck and chest measurement.  See our size chart for this item for the best size. If your dog is in-between sizes, select the larger of the two size.

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