Snoozer Pet Products: Car Seat, Lookout, Bike Basket, Beds

Snoozer Dog Products   
Snoozer Dog Products are known for products that help you travel with your pet, either in the car or while riding the bike. The Snoozer Lookout Dog Car seat is considered one of the safest on the market and with its high seat your pet can easily look out the window as you run an errand or take them with you on your vacation.  Their bike basket is designed with the safety of your dog or puppy in mind. It’s cushioned so that they’re even protected from the handlebar and it has plenty of room for treats and your belongings. Snoozer Dog Products are made in the United States and has been family owned for over 25 years. When you’re traveling with your pet you always want to make sure their safe and secure and with Snoozer products you know they will be.