Designer Dresses for Dogs

Dresses for dogs
Talia Dog Boutique has high end chic designer dresses for dogs and puppies. These dresses are from some of the top names in pet fashion, including Louis Dog, Oscar Newman, and Ruff Ruff Couture. You’ll find prom dresses, tutus, Christmas apparel and designer gowns, all made exclusively for pets. If you walk your princess a lot and are concerned about her pulling on her leash all the time, then check out the dresses we have that double as harnesses. Our boutique has cute dresses for puppies to wear and apparel for larger dogs. You’ll find we have a huge selection that we constantly add to. So if you need a dress or gown for your dog for any occasion, check out what we have.

Christmas Dog Dress Santa Puppy
$45.99 $19.99
Dog Clothes Zoe Smocked Pink Dog Dress
$29.99 $10.99
Dog Clothing Denim Nautical Dog Dress
$54.99 $19.99
Dog Dress Beffie
Dog Dress Delilah
Dog Dress Leilani
Dog Harness Dress Party Girl
$45.99 $19.99
Dog Tutu Rainbow
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