Shop Dog Carriers By Designer: Kwigy-Bo, Petote, Louis Dog, Pet Flys, and More

Travel in Style with Designer Dog Carriers
At Talia Dog Boutique we offer a wide range of designer dog carriers. There are hundreds of designs available, so you can find the one that appeals to you while providing comfort and safety for your cute little pet. Some of the most popular brands include:
     -  Kwigy Bo – If you’re looking for a more affordable option, this might be for you. They are well made, have the look of a designer purse, and are FAA approved for airline
     -  LouisDog – This is the brand for dog owners who really want to make a fashion statement. Expect high quality materials and elegant designs
     -  Pet Flys – These carriers are designed to meet most airline travel guidelines while offering fun, cute designs and plenty of safety features.
     -  Petote – You can find plenty of great designs that are hand-made in the USA to ensure the highest quality. These are for the pets who expect real luxury materials.

These brand name carriers are available in different shapes, colors and sizes so you can get the one that matches your style. Be sure to look at all the options because different bags have different components – everything from extra pockets for your personal items to safety straps inside that stop the little guy from jumping out.

Choose your favorite designer brand or explore the selection from them all and order the back that will keep your puppy comfortable and safe no matter where you go.