Pink Dog Harness Choke Free Metallic Hot Pink MHP

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Manufacturer: Choke Free


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Pink Dog Harness Choke Free Leather; Made In USA
Small dogs like yorkie, chihuahua, maltese have sensitive necks. This pink dog harness is truly choke free and the only dog harness we recommend to small breed dogs. If you hear gagging, choking or sneezing sounds when you walk your dog, get rid of the collar and regular harness. You need a choke free dog harness that sits low on the chest and wraps around the legs.
  - This pink dog harness is designed so it sets low on your dog's
     chest and wraps around the foot. Pullers will find this harness
     to never put any pressure on their sensitive trachea. 
  - Easy to put on, step in, velcro and you are ready
  - Made in the USA of soft metallic leather
  - Made specifically for small breed dogs with sensitive necks
    and dachshunds with sensitive backs
  - Safety feature: velcro attachment with a d-ring that loops
    through velcro, preventing the harness from coming apart during
    walks, keeping your dog safe and secure
  - See instructions below on how to measure for the best fit

Availability: This pink dog harness and leash is special ordered; allow 1-2 weeks to ship


Pink Dog Harness  Leash choke free

This is the best choke free dog harness and leash, we think you will fall in love with it. Our best selling leather dog harness. 

This is the only choke free dog harness we have found available that sits this low on the chest. Other pet harnesses that claim to be choke free may still sit low and put pressure on a dog's neck. This dog harness and leash comes in many great fun colors and will last you many years. We have tested this pet harness though all terrain, walks in the water at the beach, many fun times at the dog park and it has lasted many years.

These pet harness come in 1" increments, giving your dog the best fit possible. If too large, they may come off the harness, but if too small, it will be too tight. As a result, the 1" increments allow for the best fit possible. See how to measure for the best way to measure your dog for this puppy harness.

We know you will love this great pet harness and leash.

What to look for in a choke free dog harness: 
  -  Quality: our leather dog harnesses are made in the USA of the best leather that is so durable it will withstand years of use, going to the dog park, ocean and more. We've tested this 
  -  Style:  Is the leather dog harness stylish? Does it come in an assortment of colors like ours do? 
  -  Safety:  Our leather dog harness is so safe to use we guarantee your dog will not get any trachea damage as no pressure is put on the neck.   Our leather dog harness also has
                 a built in safety system where there is velcro and a d-ring that loops through the harness so it will not come apart while walking your dog and your dog will go onto oncoming 
                 traffic.  Because this dog harness is made of soft leather, it will not cause sensitive dogs to have chaffed skin or rip into their body.
  -  Ease of use:  Our dog harness is a step in style dog harness that is so easy to use. Simply have the dog step in, velcro through, add your leash and off you go! Easy to take off too!

Sizing Guide

Dog Harness Size:
8" Chest
9" Chest
10" Chest
11" Chest
12" Chest
13" Chest
14" Chest
15" Chest
16" Chest
17" Chest
18" Chest
19" Chest
20" Chest
21" Chest
22" Chest
23" Chest
24" Chest
25" Chest
26" Chest
27" Chest
28" Chest

Leash Size:
5/16" (inch) by 4' (feet) length lead (For very small harness)
1/2" (inch) width by 4' (feet) length lead (For medium harness)
3/4" (inch) width by 4' (feet) length lead (For larger harness)

How to Measure

It is extremely important you measure your dog accurately to find the best size to avoid returns. These pet harnesses are made in 1" increments so it fits your dog perfectly, with very little room for adjustment. Guessing the size will not work for these dog harness, too small it will be too tight, too large your dog will be able to get out of the harness.

To measure, take a soft measuring tape, wrap this all the way around the widest part of your dog's chest. Take a 'tight' measurement, then add 1" for comfort. Write this down and measure again to ensure the size is correct.

If you do not have a soft measuring tape, take a ribbon, yarn or string and wrap this all the way around the widest part of your dog's chest. Take a 'tight' measurement, then add 1" for comfort. Put the string used against a yard stick, ruler, or hard measuring tape. Write this number down and remeasure to ensure the size is correct.

If measuring for a puppy, keep in mind this takes 1-2 weeks to ship and puppies may grow out of the harness.

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