Pink Dog Coat Pocket Parka

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Puppy Coat- Blue Parka With Hoodie
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Manufacturer: Kwigy-Bo


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Dog Coat Pink Parka
- Great for harsh winters, warm, plush and cozy
- Details include a removable hood and tiny pocket detail
- Keeps them warm and dry on the go, easy to put on velcro
- Lined in soft fleece, faux fur trim detail on hood, leash hole to
  attach leash
- Available in black, brown and navy blue
- See below for size chart
- Buy now, keep your dog from freezing

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In the cold rainy seasons, dogs need something to keep them warm, just like we do.   If you like to go for walks, runs, potty breaks, or errands, it's important to keep your pet warm.  Most dogs do not have enough hair to keep themselves warm in the extreme cold.  They shiver, their paws and noses get cold.  To avoid this, choose a warm coat that you can easily put on and off.  If they wear other clothing underneath, we suggest adding a few more inches to allow this.  Puppy jackets are particularly important for the young puppies as they have a harder time adjusting to the cold.  Treat your dog to a dog coat, and make sure you keep them warm.



Sizing Guide

        Neck   Chest    Length
XS     7-9"     10-12"     7.5"
S      9-11"     12-14"     11"
M    11-12"      14-16"    13"

How to Measure

To find the best fit, it is recommended you measure your dog, there is no standard size for each breed or a size based on weight. All our items have different size charts since they come from different manufacturers. To measure, take a measuring tape and measure your dog in inches for:

Neck: this is the measurement all the way around your dog’s neck

Chest: this is the measurement all the way around the widest part of your dog’s chest

Length: this is the area from the neck to the butt area, where the tail starts

Once you get a ‘tight’ measurement, we suggest you add 1-2” to the neck and chest area so that there is room to walk and for your dog to be comfortable.

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