Pet Flys Designer Airline Approved Pet Carrier & Apparel

Pet Flys Airline Approved Dog Carriers
Pet Flys dog carriers include trendy looking purses and slings that make it easy to carry your small pet safely around. For the woman on the go Pet Flys dog carriers make it simple to transport your pet, while still being able to take along a cell phone, keys and any other belongings you’d normally carry in your purse. Not only are these trendy, but many of them are airline approved. Dog carriers are just one of the lines designer Tammy Arnette has created for her company, Pet Flys. With a background in the garment industry and with a dog, Monkey Boy, she loved to pamper, she began to develop designer dog clothes and toys. For those looking for something casual, Pet Flys dog slings are incredibly convenient and still provide a way for your dog to be comfortable as you walk about. If you’re looking for something a little fun, a little stylish, or just something convenient to carry your pet around in, then check out Pet Flys dog carriers.