Jax And Bones Dog Beds Lounge Made in USA

Jax and Bones dog beds - Designer dog pillow beds from Jax and Bones
Jax and Bones dog beds are known for their bold designs and durable quality. This popular designer line has been featured in a number of fashion and celebrity magazines because of their unique look. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly dog bed that is easy to keep clean, then Jax and Bones will fit your needs. They are filled with their signature Sustainafill fiber that is allergen free and is eco0firendy, while the covering is easy to remove, is 100% washable and guaranteed to remain fluffy for years. Talia Dog Boutique carries a number of designs from their collection, including many of their popular dog bed pillows, both for inside and outside use. Browse through our selection and find the designer dog bed that will accent your home.

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