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Pet Shampoo and Conditioner For Dogs
Talia Dog Boutique offers some of the best shampoo and conditioners for dogs on the marketing, including flea repellent and an all-natural spa line. The products that we carry are not your ordinary shampoo and conditioner but instead are considered to be among the best available. HappyTails offers a line of organic shampoo and conditioners whose ingredients will help with dry or itchy skin and keep their coat shiny and clean smelling and decreaet matting. When your dog is done with his bath they’ll not only be cleaner, but feel more comfortable, as well. Our dog grooming product line and supplies are made of high quality, all natural ingredients. These dog grooming products have an all natural cosmetic grade ingredient that are top of the line, high end ingredients for your dogs, puppies and cats that will leave them soft and tangle free. They are especially suitable for dogs and cats prone to allergies or puppies and kittens that need a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Some of our spa line has an all natural flea shampoo (no harsh chemicals or pesticides) and we also have waterless shampoo for those on the go. These pet grooming and dog spa products include SheaPet, Happy Tails Canine Spa Line, Petzlife (a top selling dog and cat toothpaste that treats and prevents tarter with amazing results), and Angel Eyes, a natural tear stain remover and eye cleaning product for dogs that contain no chlorine. We also have adorable bathrobes for the dog spa! Check out our all natural dog toothpaste Petzlife.  All natural and guarantee to prevent plaque buildup when used as suggested.