Puppy Heartbeat Toy + Warm Soothing Heat Pack

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Heartbeat Dog Toy- Golden Puppy
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Price: $40.99
Manufacturer: Doggles, LLC


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Heartbeat Dog Toys
Have a new puppy that cries all night long because of separation anxiety? This heartbeat toy for puppies are a huge customer favorite and will soothe your dog through the night so they can sleep and you can too!  Don't let your poor dog suffer while they acclimate to your new home, give her this soft pet toy to snuggle all night.  Features: 
    -  beating heart beat that simulates the heartbeat of their mother 
    -  warm pouch that soothes your puppy and is similar to mom's 
       womb; heat pack is removable
    -  designed to help your puppy sleep though the night 
    -  works to decrease stress and separation anxiety
    -  treat your dog now to this dog toy and help them feel secure  
       Makes a great gift.
    -  battery included and will last many nights
    -  machine washable on gentle

Size: 12" long, 8" wide, 4" high, great for teacups, small or large dogs

Availability: This dog toy ships in 2-5 business days


We've all been though it. Bring home a new puppy and they miss sleeping in the same bed with their litter mates and their mother.  When we take them away from this, dogs suffer from separation anxiety.  This heartbeat toy for puppy is a great subsitute.  The heartbeat sound reminds them of home and the warm heat pack is like sleeping with other warm bodies. 

If you don't want to have your dog sleep in your bed, give them this heartbeat dog toy.  We promise your dog will be happy and sleep though the night!

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Reviewed by Tammy
10/18/2012 - 11:33:27 AM
Great item
We purchased this after bringing home our new puppy. She cried and cried for days during the night. I did research online to see what we can do to help her and found this great little dog. The heartbeat was very soothing, and she learned to sleep at night by herself. We are very grateful for this item.