Stairs for Dogs and Pet Steps

Pet Steps & Stairs for a Puppy or Older Dog Dog
Dog steps are a way for your pet to safely get on or off of the couches and beds they like to sleep on. The Talia Dog Boutique carries LouisDog steps, which are both stylish and durable. For small dogs or a growing puppy, steps help them get safely onto furniture without them missing their mark and falling to the ground in a painful heap. For older dogs, even larger breeds, jumping off of furniture can be a risk due to the age of their joints. Many dogs, especially larger breeds, are susceptible to cruciate ligament tears in their knees. These can be painful injuries that are expensive to repair. By having quality dog stairs with cushioned steps, you can help lower the risks of such injuries and avoid an expensive bill from the vet. LouisDog dog steps are among the most popular brands because they don’t look anything like plain wood stairs. Your puppy or beloved dog will feel like they’re being pampered as they walk their personal staircase.