Boots, Shoes & Socks For Dogs

Dog Footwear - Boots, Shoes & Socks for Dogs, Puppies
Dog footwear isn’t just a way to make your pet stand out, they’re a way to also protect their sensitive paws. Shop the Talia Dog Boutique for fashionable and trendy pet shoes, boots, socks and other footwear. We have designer footwear, from boots for your dog to designer shoes for your puppy. When the weather turns cold, boots or shoes can protect them not only from the snow, but also the salt that is put down on sidewalks. This can get into the paws of your pet and cause irritations in their skin. In the summer, a hot sidewalk can also be uncomfortable for our pet, as can puddles. With designer footwear, not only are the boots and socks we offer functional, but they are stylish. They look like something a fashionista would wear.