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Dog Potty Training Bells- How to housebreak dog
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Dog Potty Training Bells
Have a puppy or dog that is not housebroken and having trouble communicating with you? Are you frustrated about the mess in the house? Dog training bells are the solution, they are proven to be 95% effective to potty train and prevent accidents. These dog training bells are recommended by pet trainers, breeders and vets.

How does it work? Hang the bell on the door, teach your dog to ring the bell when they need to potty. You will be amazed at how quickly your dog will learn to ring the bell and how effective this is. These bells are specifically designed as dog training bells and are more sturdy and ring louder than normal bells. They bells are hung strategically so a small puppy or large dog can easily reach the bells. Why crate your dog or punish them for soiling your home, housebreak your dog now wtih these bells.

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This dog training bell is featured in Bark Magazine, Dog Fancy and more.

Highly recommended by dog trainers to housebreak a puppy or dog.  Suggested steps:

1.  Hang your potty bell in the inside of the door in which the dog will use to exit the house. 
2.  Each time you take your dog out for potty time, ring the bell and use a phrase you will repeat every time...example, "outside, ring the bell".
3.  After saying the phrase, ring the bell while your dog watches. Your dog will need to hear and see the bell
4.  After rining the bell and saying the phrase, praise your dog and let him go outside, be consistent!
5.  Repeat for a few weeks to condition your dog and start just using the phrase each tiem yoru dog wants to go outside to potty.  Use 'outside, ring the bells'. Then wait for
     their reaction. Point to the bell or use their paws to ring the bell. Praise.
6.  Repeat the conditioning  until your dog starts to ring the bells on their own. Praise, praise, praise to reinforce the behavior, soon all you will have to do is listen for a bell
     each time your dog needs to go outside to potty. Success!

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