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Dog PJs Pink Cupcake With Ruffles
Cute little pet pajama in a cupcake print with the ruffle cute! 

These dog pjs are made of soft flannel, and cupcake all over. It's really cute in person with a ruffle bottom...designed after a baby girls diaper with a ruffle bottom.  It's so fun to lounge around in our dog pjs all day and sleep in them all night.  It's so comfortable your little gal will not want to take these off ever!  

The pjs snap on and off underneath, with a little opening for your furbaby to potty without having to ever needing to remove the pajama. Super easy.  It's machine washable when it gets soiled and ready wear again.  The design is sleeveless. 

These cute pet pjs are sure going to keep your little girl warm during the cold winter months. 

Size:  See the sizing tab below for all sizes

Availability: This dog pj ships in 2-3 business days.


These cute pet pjs are a must have in every girl's wardrobe when the temperature in the home is freezing! Please don't let your dog shiver and freeze to death or fall asleep and feel uncomfortable because it's so darn cold at night. 

Put on a pajama, let your dog feel warm while she lounges and runs around in your home.  At night, the best part is that there is no need for dog blankets since they tend to slide off or slip away as a dog tosses and turns anyways.  

So purchase 2-3 pairs of these adorable dog pajamas and make sure you've got your little dog covered this winter.

Sizing Guide

        Neck      Chest?      Length    Approximate Weight  (Guide only, do not rely on just weight, always measure!)
XS      7"           11"            8 "             up to 2 lbs
S        8"           12"            8"              2-4 lbs
M        9"           14"            9"              4-5 lbs
L        11"          16"           10"             5-6 lbs
XL      12"          18"           11"             6-8 lbs 
XXL    13"           20"          12"             8-10 lbs

How to Measure

How to size for dog pajamas
To find the best fit, it is recommended you measure your dog, there is no standard size for each breed or weight. Take a few minutes to measure to avoid returns. All our items have different size charts since they come from different manufacturers.

To measure, take a measuring tape and measure your dog in inches for:

Neck: this is the measurement all the way around your dog’s neck

Chest: this is the measurement all the way around the widest part of your dog’s chest

Length: this is the area from the neck to the butt area, where the tail starts

Once you get a ‘tight’ measurement, we suggest you add 1-2” to the neck and chest area so that there is room to walk and for your dog to be comfortably stretch out. Just like our clothes, you do not want a 'skin tight' fit.

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