Harnesses and Vests for Small Dogs and Puppies

Dog Harness- Harness Vest For Small DogsA dog harness vest is one the safest and easiest ways to walk your pet, especially a smaller dog. A harness vest easily wraps around your pet’s body, which means they can’t slip out of like they could with a collar and leash. It also doesn’t pose the risks to their neck or spine that a regular collar does. A collar puts all the pressure on your pet’s neck, while a vest distributes it throughout their body.

A dog harness vest can also be stylish and fun as we offer ones that resemble pink angle wings or a tuxedo. If you want something more causal for your puppy then get them something with a sports theme or resemble camouflage gear. All of the small dog harness vests we sell are easy to put on and can easily be thrown in the washer.