Harness Vests & Dresses for Dogs and Puppies - Made With a Soft Fabric<

Dog harness dress and vestDog Harness Dresses, Vest Harnesses
At Talia Dog Boutique, you will find dog harness dresses that will look like something for the runway, not like something you’d walk your pet around with. We also have dog vests for male dogs. The many dog harness dresses we have look cute or stylish, but most importantly they are functional. You simply hook your leash to the d-ring on the dress and you can take them for a walk without worrying about them running off. While a typical dog collar puts pressure on a pet’s neck when they tug at their leash, a harness distributes the pressure. So not only are you ensuring your pet looks stylish, your limiting their potential to have neck or back problems. From a dress for Christmas to a vest for a special occasion, you’ll find a dog harness for nearly any occasion. We have a collection of designer harness dress lines, including the Bella Paris, and Susan Lanci Soft Harness.
Dog Harness Dress Party Girl
$45.99 $19.99
Harness Dress Happy Birthday Hot Pink
$40.99 $25.99
Dog Clothes My Little Angel Wings Gold2
$39.99 $24.99
Dog Clothes Harness Vest Camo Paw
$29.99 $15.99