Designer Dog Collars, No-Choke Harnesses, and More

Dog harness for small dog
There are many different styles of dog harnesses and many options that will help your dog walk comfortably and safely. If your dog likes to pull or tends to have a sensitive neck, gags, or has a cough like sound, try a choke free harness or Buddy Belt harness. These pet harnesses sit low on the dog’s chest, and when a dog pulls, the pressure is exerted on their chest and shoulders instead of their sensitive necks or tracheas…dogs in this category include smaller breed dogs like Yorkie, Chihuahua, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and more. If you like the step in dog harness style, we offer many step in style puppy harness that are come in a variety of styles, colors, prints, and buckle style or velcro. If you like designer dog harness, we have designers like Susan Lanci Designs, who’s collars are ultra chic, with details like Swarovski crystal dog harness, pretty bows, flowers, and more. Shop for luxurious dog harness or ribbon dog harness. Leather harnesses are also available for those that prefer the leather, or fabric harness style harness vests and harness dresses.

Cool Dog Collars Pets For Peace
$19.99 $9.99
Dog Harness Dress Party Girl
$45.99 $19.99
Dog Leash Braided
Harness Dress Happy Birthday Hot Pink
$40.99 $25.99
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