Fancy Rhinestone Dog Harnesses & Swarovski Crystal Leashes

Designer Dog Harness & Leashes
Talia Dog Boutique carries an extensive line of designer dog harness and distinctive leashes for dogs, puppies, and cats. Whether you’re looking for something with a little bling or a traditional leather leash we have all types of styles, colors, and designs. We carry harnesses and collars from Susan Lanci, Buddy Belt, and are constantly adding to our inventory. We have rhinestone, Swarovski, and all varieties of jeweled harnesses and leashes. For those pet owners concerned about the safety of their pet, step in dog harnesses are proven to be safer and put less strain on a pet’s neck. Dog harnesses often look like clothing and if you have a female companion, you could make them look they are a debutant at a ball. Whether you have a small puppy, a large dog or even if you have multiple pets that you walk at the same time, the Talia Dog Boutique is one your one stop shop.