Buddy Belts Dog Harnesses and Leather Leashes

Choke free step in dog harness Buddy Belts is a popular line of dog harness and leash that is choke free.  Made in Canada of quality leather, these pet harnesses are great for sensitive dogs that will not exert pressure on their necks or spine.  The leash is durable so you can safely walk your dog stylishly, and comes in many cute trendy colors. Buddy Belts are unique because they have a patented design that reduces stress on your pet's neck, easily goes on or off with the step in dog harness, and an easy buckle design to strap harness in.  Both functional and fashionable.  When you use a traditional dog collar or harness, it causes strain on their neck, causing long term damage to their windpipe or spine.  This dog harness was designed for the small breed dogs with sensitive necks and backs like Yorkie, Chihuahua, Maltese, miniature Dachshund.  This step in pet harness was designed to relieve the pressure from the neck and eliminates the choking and gagging that dogs have when they pull while walking.  You can add fab to these dog harnesses by adding crystals to bling out your dog.  Each Buddy Belt harnesses is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada.  Buddy Belts continually makes efforts to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of these great pet harnesses.  Great for small dogs, puppy, or pets.

Buddy Belt Dog Harness Liner (For Sensitive Pets)
Buddy Belt Pet Harness For Dogs, Puppy, Cats
Buddy Belt Leather/Nylon Leads
Buddy Belt Pet Harness For Dogs, Puppy, Cats
Buddy Belt Dog Harness (Classic Regular Colors) Padded Dog Harness Soft
Buddy Belt Pet Harness For Dogs,...
Buddy Belt Dog Harness Black Patent Croc Special Edition
Buddy Belt Pet Harness For Dogs, Puppy, Cats
$58.99 $45.99
Buddy Belt All Leather Leashes
Buddy Belt Pet Harness For Dogs, Puppy,...
Rhinestone Dog Leash Giltmore 3 Rows Perfect Pink w/Pink Crystals
Crystal Dog Leash
Made in the...