Dog Diapers: Female Dog Diapers & Male Belly Bands

Female Dog Diapers Male Belly Bands Dog Diapers: Female Dog Diapers & Male Belly Bands
For pet owners trying to housebreak a puppy or who have an older dog that is having bladder problems, Talia Dog Boutique has diapers and belly bands. For a  female dog, diapers are a simple solution for a pet that isn’t quite housebroken or has occasional accidents. They can also help if your dog is in heat, eliminating both stains accidents. The dog diapers are easy to put on reusable, simply throw them in the wash. This helps to cut down yours costs and any impact on the environment.
For a male dog, belly bands are used. They easily wrap around your pet and can be adjusted to their specific size. They come in a variety of styles, including fun prints like monkeys or fire hydrants. Belly bands are proven to be extremely effective with male dogs and are comfortable for them to wear. Like reusable diapers, they are easy to clean. Just throw them in the wash and they are good to wear another day.
For both diapers and belly bands we have all the latest designs and carry top names, such as Susan Lanci and Oscar Newman. Don’t resent your dog simply because it’s having accidents around the house. Equip them with diapers and belly bands that they won’t mind wearing and eliminates any potentials messes or embarrassing moments.
Puppy Diapers Skull & Bones Red
$25.99 $19.99
Dog Diaper Pink Lime Cupcake
$25.99 $20.00
Dog Diapers Female Flower Heart Stripes
$28.99 $20.00
Doggy Diapers Argyle Hearts (Female)
$26.99 $20.00
Puppy Diaper Brown Cupcakes (Female)
$26.99 $20.00
Puppy Diapers Rainbow Hearts
$26.99 $20.00