Dog Carrier Bag Kwigy Bo Alex Black

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Price: $160.99
Manufacturer: Kwigy-Bo


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Designer Dog Carriers Kwigy Bo Alex Black
If you are looking for a stylish designer dog carrier that looks like a regular purse, then Alex Black would be perfect. It has everything you would look for in the perfect carrier purse. 

If you need to completely conceal your dog, this would be perfect because this carrier will 100% hide your dog. Whether you are running errands, at the mall, or at a place where dogs are not allowed, this dog carrier will allow you to zip up your dog safely, with air vents so your dog can stay hidden yet breathe comfortably. 

   -  Looks like a regular purse, stylish and trendy; safe
   -  Comfortable for you and padded cushion for your dog to lay in
      the carrier for hours at a time, even take a nap in it
   -  Airline approved for travel on an airplane
   -  Made of soft faur fur, silver hardware, comfortable shoulder
   -  Interior safety strap to attach to your dog’s collar or harness;
      safety feature that prevents your dog from falling out.  Your
      dog is guaranteed to stay safe!
   -  Comfort cushion pad that removes and is washable  
    - Option: let your dog hang its head out, or peek through the
      mesh, or completely conceal your dog by rolling down the flap 
      on both ends of the carrier.  Simply fold up to reveal the mesh 
      so they can look out, or roll the flap down to 100% conceal your
      dog, yet they can still safely breathe through the mesh
   -  Zippered top makes it easy for you to put your dog quickly into 
      the carrier, they can peek out of top too!
    -  Need pockets for personal belongings? Pockets on the
      outside and inside of carrier for dog treats,  your keys, wallet 
      A multi-functional designer dog carrier that has everything you need!  Buy it now!

This dog carrier bag is our best selling design of dog carriers by Kwigy Bo.  Spoil your dog now with this trendy chic carrier bag that has it all!  Comfort, style, function, and full or part concealment! Run errands or head to the mall with this dog carrier. Your dog will comfortable lay down and fall asleep when it's nap time or peek out when needed and yet breathe safely.


About Kwigy Bo Designer Dog Carriers...
This manufacturers quality carriers that look like chic trendy dog carriers. This carrier is eco-friendly with faux leather, yet has that exquisite leather look and feel. 

The carrier will last you many years and endless zzz's for your little dog.  This carrier is so comforable for both you and your dog!

If you need to head to the mall, eat at a restaurant, shop, farmer's market, or simply run errands where dogs are not allowered, don't leave your beloved dog at home! Sneak your in a carrier!  This dog carrier bag will 100% conceal your dog, while you can run about your day.  We promise you will be so happy with this carrier. 

Pockets pockets pockets...there are quite a few pockets in this carrier so that it can function as a purse for your, yet your dog can stay hidden. Or maybe your dog doesn't like to walk or the pavement is just too hot! Then this dog carrier would be perfect. 

Air vents are found on the top and both ends of the carrier so there is plenty of air for your dog. This will keep them cool and ventilated yet allow for them to safetly breathe. 

We promise your dog will love being in this carrier!  They can fall asleep when it's nap time, or peek out to enjoy what is going on outside.  

Sizing Guide

Small: 15" length, 5" width 8" height (will hold up to 10lbs)
Large: 17" length, 8" width, 11" height (will hold up to 15lbs)

How to Measure

When trying to find the right size dog carrier, we suggest you measure your dog rather than going by weight or pet breed for the best fit. This will ensure your dog is comfortable and will fit into the pet carrier safely.

To measure: measure your dog for
1. length: from head to their bottom
2. width: width of your dog
*Most dogs lay down while in their pet carrier so height is not as important

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