Dog Car Seats and Pet Booster Seats

Use Dog Car Booster Seats to Keep Your Pet Safe
At Talia Dog Boutique you can find a wide range of reliable, comfortable, and secure dog car booster seats. These carriers are more than a cozy place for your dog to rest on the long car trip, though. They can help protect you and your pet in case of an accident or sudden stop.

When dogs roam free in a vehicle, they could potentially cause distractions, get in your way, and divide your attention, which could all lead to accidents. On the other hand, if your dog isn’t properly secured, they could be seriously injured, even in a minor collision. Use these booster seats whenever you take your dog on a car trip.

High Quality Materials and designs
There is a wide range of materials, styles, and designs, but each of these seats is made to high quality standards, and offers a number of different options. You can choose micro velvet or micro suede materials. Some have foam padding and others are machine washable. You can even take out the main cushion in some designs to make room for larger dogs.

Make sure your dog is safe and secure on your next trip into town by ordering yours today.