Bowsers Pet Beds Designer Quality Beds For Dogs Small And Extra Large

Bowsers Pet Beds Designer Beds For Dogs Small And Extra Large
Bowsers Dog Bed are ideal for pets that like to curl up when they sleep. Their donut style shapes allow dogs to snuggle up to the sides of their bed. For a puppy these are an ideal bed to get them used to their new home. Bowsers dog beds are so comfortable you’ll almost want one for yourself. They have a number of styles to choose from and come in all sorts of shapes and colors. For any dog bed it’s imperative that they are easy to clean and not only are their covers machine washable, their microvelvet fabric is designed to repel hair. The Talia Dog Boutique sells donut style beds, pillow beds, and nest style beds that can be cinched up to make them smaller. Bowser dog beds are ideal for smaller breeds or a growing puppy.