Crystal Puppy Collars Simple 1 Row Australian Rhinestone (Colors: Pink, Red, Blue, Turquoise, Black)

Price: $29.99
Manufacturer: Krisybelle


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Australian Crystal Puppy Collar, Designer Pet Collar
This pet collar is absolutely ADORABLE! FeaturesSee below for larger photo of this dog collar.  Made in the USA
   º  Faux leather collar, with one simple row of sparkly colored
      Australian crystal rhinestones
  º  This puppy collar buckles closed, and has a loop to attach
     your beloved small dog's id tag. 
  º  Beautiful matching leash is 1/4" wide, available in pink
     (with pink stones), dark blue (with blue stones), red (with
     red stones), turquoise (with turquoise stones), black (with
     smoke stones)
  º  Gold colored hardware; genuine Austrailan crystals

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Size:  (measure your pet's neck and add 2" for best fit)
              Neck Length        Width
Size  8      6- 7.5"                 1/4"
Size 10     8- 9"                    1/4"  
Size 12    10-12"                  1/4"
Size 14    12-13.5"               1/4"

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