Dog Blankets & Throws

Dog Throws - Pet Blankets, Puppy Blanket, Stroller Blanket, Stroller Throws, Bed, Carrier Throw, Designer, Pink, Cute, LuxuriousBlankets for Dogs
The Talia Dog Boutique has blankets for dogs that are stylish, but easy to keep clean. Throw them in the washer and they’ll be free of dog hair as well any smells. Designed specifically for dogs, these are great to place on their beds, to put on your couch to protect it, or to keep in their dog carrier. Instead of using a ratty old blanket or a nice looking throw that won’t last long, consider these durable, but eye catching dog blankets. For puppies, blankets can help get them used to their new environment and keep them warm in the winter. We have a number of designer blankets and throws for sale, all of them made in the United States. They make a great gift for a pet or for their owner.