Airline-Approved Dog and Pet Carriers and Bags

Airline Approved Dog Carriers
When you have to travel on an airplane with your pet, you’re going to come up against some very stringent requirements. These airline approved dog carriers are designed to meet those policies while protecting your little pet and keeping him comfortable. A long journey can be hard on a small animal, but you can make things a little easier with these high-quality totes and bags.

At Talia Dog Boutique we specialize in providing stylish and comfortable bags that will keep your pets nice and cozy, even on those long, extended flights. We offer products from some of the top designers in the industry, and all of them meet the airline requirements more safety. Some of our name brand designers include:

Kwigy-Bo – Offers dog carriers that look like stylish purses while remaining very affordable.
Petote – Hand-made in the USA to ensure the highest quality.
LouisDog – If you’re looking for something really elegant, this is the line for you.
Pet Flys – A company that specializes in making fun carriers for airplane travel.

These carriers are well ventilated, feature pads for added comfort, and extra compartments for your own things. Make your next trip as smooth and comfortable as possible with a new pet carrier.