Designer Dog Sweaters

Knitted dog sweaters
Looking for cute little knit sweaters for dogs? We offer knitted and crochet sweaters for small dogs and puppies.  Adorable styles, simple cotton or cashmere for those super spoiled little dogs. We also have fleece dog sweaters for every day wear, or Christmas dog sweaters during the holiday to ring in the spirit.  Many of our dog sweaters are hand knit, made in the USA, and are from designer lines like LouisDog, Oscar Newman, Monkey Daze, and more.  Shop the Talia Dog boutique for the largest selection of small dog knitted sweaters and larger sizes for the bigger guys. Also, check out our dog coats and jackets or even rain coats to keep your beloved pooch warm all winter long.

Cool Dog Clothes Mowhawk Peace Sweater Monkey Daze
Designer Dog Apparel
$42.99 $20.00
Cool Dog Clothes Stripped Mowhawk Sweater
Designer Dog Apparel
Designer Pet Sweater Cashmere Corsage Knit Pet Sweaters Louis Dog
Designer dog sweater for that little...
Dog Sweater Cashmere Angel Louis Dog Pink, Navy Gray
Designer dog sweater for that angel of...
Dog Sweater Flower Button

Knitted Dog Sweater
  -  Knit dog sweater with flower button...

Dog Sweater Louis Dog Cashmere Corsage
Cashmere Dog Sweater Louis Dog
Dog Sweater Oscar Newman Piccadilly Pink
Designer Pet Sweater

Pet Knit Sweater Pink Argyle Heart
Pet Sweater 
Simple pink...
$44.99 $39.99
Pink Snowflake Sweater Christmas Doggy Clothing
Designer Doggie Clothing
Pet Sweater Christmas Rudolph In The Snow

Christmas dog sweater
Festive sweater with reindeer and snow pom...