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Small dog clothes, pet apparel for tiny little pets
Talia Dog Boutique has designer clothes for sales, ideal for puppies or small breeds. We have hundreds of styles to choose from, whether it’s for around theShop for dog clothes, pet apparel for tiny little dogs house, to wear at Christmas or for a special occasion. Finding clothes that fit well on small dogs isn’t always easy. With so many sizes available on ours site, however, people will think your puppies’ clothes are tailor made. We have coats, sweaters, dresses, tutus, swimwear, and pajamas. For a new puppy you’ll find plenty to dress them up in and show them off. We also have other supplies you’ll need for puppies or smaller breeds, including beds, harnesses, and especially dog carriers, many of which are airline approved and look like designer purses.

Dog Clothes Harness Vest Camo Paw
$29.99 $15.99
Dog Hoodie Camo Fleece
$29.99 $8.99
Dog Clothes Zoe Smocked Pink Dog Dress
$29.99 $10.99
Dog Clothing Denim Nautical Dog Dress
$54.99 $19.99
Dog Clothes Green Toggle Parka Designer
$60.99 $45.99
Dog Parka Yellow Toggle Dog Clothes
$60.99 $46.99
Pet Clothes Denim Overall Pants
$40.99 $24.99
Harness Dress Happy Birthday Hot Pink
$40.99 $25.99
Dog Harness Dress Party Girl
$45.99 $19.99
Doggy Diapers Argyle Hearts (Female)
$26.99 $20.00
Dog Costumes Little Bumble Bee
$39.99 $14.99
Puppy Diapers Rainbow Hearts
$26.99 $20.00
Pet Pajama Pink Skulls Thermal Jammies
$35.99 $23.99
Dog Parka Jacket Plush Pink Winter Coat
$45.99 $40.99
Designer Dog Parka Polished Black
$62.99 $45.99
Dog Hoody Cave Canis Pink Kwigy Bo
$54.99 $15.99
Pink Dog Coat Pocket Parka
$44.99 $39.99
Dog Coat Brown Pocket Parka
$44.99 $40.99
Dog Jacket Blue Pocket Parka
$44.99 $39.99
Doggy Pyjamas Camo Safari 4x4 Flannel
$31.99 $20.99